What is this place....

What is the Dysonverse?


When I was in Grade Twelve, I wrote a short story for my writer’s craft class about a vampire named Dyson. She was basically me… but way cooler. I wrote that story, handed it in and didn’t think of it for three years. Then, for some reason, it popped back into my head. I re-read it, edited it, and made it better. I thought it would make a pretty good graphic novel, and maybe someday it still could be.

My Dyson story started in the early 2000’s and ended somewhere around 2390… vampires, ya know. Smack-dab in the middle of that story was a war. A huge war. A Fourth World War.

I thought that seemed pretty interesting. I started to think, what happened here? What lead to this? Who lived through it?

That’s when I came up with two boys, Sam and Alius. They grew up on opposite sides of the tracks, just before the war broke. One of these boys was human, and the other was… something else.  

When I was done with their story, I wrote about their mothers, Jenny and Mel. Then I thought of the woman who lead the rebellion during the war, and the soldiers who protected her. It wasn’t long before I had some twenty stories in this universe. And I knew just where to start.

I went back to Dyson.

I took her 8-page would-be graphic novel, and wrote her whole life. Some 300 pages later, I realized it was a trilogy. It took me about a year to turn those first hundred pages into Dyson Book I. It took me about four months after that to realize that novel wouldn’t sell. At least not at that time.  

But I liked the world I’d made. I liked Sam and Alius. I liked Jenny and Mel. I wanted to write about them, and Dyson, and how she effected their lives. I wanted to write about how Dyson changed the world.

I looked through my Dyson book for a new character to write about. Someone who jumped off the page. Someone whose story I wanted to tell.

I found Lochlan…and writing his story has been so, so much fun.

So, what is the Dysonverse? It’s the world I hope to take you into, one character at a time.