Mythology of the Dysonverse

Mythology of the Dysonverse

Every living thing has Spark. There is Spark in the smallest insect and in the biggest animal. There is Spark in every tree you walk past and every flower you stop to smell. If it’s living, it has Spark. 

 Spark is a life force. It’s energy. It’s soul adjacent. It’s what powers all things living. It’s what powers the world. 

 Spark is distributed by emotion and intention. When a Human gives intention to something, when they give belief, they give a little bit of their Spark. It is replenished almost as soon as it’s gone, but that piece goes in to making something real. 

 Human Spark. Human belief. Human emotion. The greatest power in the universe. Spark created the universe.

 When a Human’s Spark burns a little brighter than normal, that extra energy, that extra light manifests in an extra ability. It turns them into something different. It turns Human into Luman. 

There are many different types of Luman and their Spark all burn in different ways. The most common Luman is a Gifter. Gifters are mortal. They love and bleed and die just like Humans do. 

A small portion of Luman have such a bright spark that they defy the boundaries of human life. 

No one knows the exact number of Lumankind in the world today. Many speculate that it is around 4% of the population. What is known is that they are present in every corner of the planet. Most of them go unnoticed by the world at large. But they are present... and that presence is growing.